Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi

We all know that the first impression counts in everything business included, and that a clean office attracts more customers and clients. When visitors arrive in your office for the first time, its cleanliness will create an impressive image about your business in their minds which will make them want to do business with you immediately.

With our professional office cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya, your office will always be sparkling and well organized for maximum success. The importance of high standards of daily office cleaning cannot be underestimated, nor can the impact that your offices have on all who use them.

It is a clear fact that people work best in a clean and tidy environment, and a clean office is a motivation to all office workers. A clean office also influences office staff recruitment, retention and customer/client retention. This is why daily office cleaning is the bottom-line to ensuring healthy and rapid growth of every office.


What is included in our office cleaning services

From the reception area, work stations, meeting rooms, washrooms all the way to the kitchen we will offer you relatively moderate and affordable price in accordance with the size and the work load needed for your office .

Trusted Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi

With years of experience in offering effective and efficient cleaning services, we clearly understand the importance of a clean working environment. We are therefore dedicated to providing top notch cleaning services to your office i.e. choosing us will mean receiving true value for your money as well as having a smooth running and productive office for your business.

We boast of strong working relationships among ourselves as the office cleaning services team of Solcity Cleaning Services Company and with our esteemed clients. We ensure that all the necessary office cleaning equipment are in place before starting the cleaning process and by the end of our cleaning all the targets and requirements of our clients are met.

Our commercial office cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya are customized based on our clients’ needs and specifications. We don’t just leave your office spotless but we also ensure that it is thoroughly sanitized to provide a healthy working environment for your staff members. We do understand that if employees are happy and healthy the production and benefits will be greater to your business. Plus, our professionally trained team of experts are not just limited to dusting and replacing bin bags in your office.

Our office cleaning team are professionally trained on how to thorough clean your office using diversified Eco-friendly products which are environmental friendly and harmless to all your workers. The moment you contact us for your office cleaning needs, we ensure that we create a professional cleaning plan where we address all your needs and requirements. The plan enables us to know the duration the cleaning process would take, the amount to charge, the specified materials to use and the amount to charge for the whole process.