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Carpet Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Are feeling uncomfortable in your own home or office due to lingering odors and ghastly stains on your carpet? Worry no more! Solcity Shine Cleaning Services is your greatest savior today. A dirty carpet can make your entire house look untidy and sickening even immediately after thoroughly cleaning your house. Yes, cleaning the carpet yourself will be friendly to your pocket, but choosing our carpeting cleaning services will give your carpet a whole new look.

At Solcity Shine Carpet Cleaning Services, we offer unbeatable services when it comes to matters carpet cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. All you need to get our impeccable services at affordable prices, just a phone call away.

    Dirt, stains and bacteria build up quickly on carpets, which is why it is extremely important to keep your carpets clean all the time. We understand that you want your carpet cleaned at the same time you do not want to interfere with your work schedule neither do you want to cause unnecessary disruptions which might put you at wrangles with your boss. For this reason, our carpet cleaning professional team are flexible enough and we will clean your carpet at your own convenient time, including night hours.

    No matter what carpet predicament you are having, our carpet cleaners have your needs and requirement covered. Our qualified carpet cleaning experts will be sure to remove every single unwanted substance on your carpet in the shortest time possible.

    Our extra carpet cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya involve moving and replacing basic furniture like sofas, loveseats, chairs and tables be before treating all the visible spots and stains that exists on your carpet. Our policy on stains is very straight forward: As long as the stains have not dyed the carpet’s fibers, we guarantee the removal of all the stains, but if the stains are dyed, our Service Tech treats the stains at a small fee.

    Carpet cleaning services in Nairobi prices

    Our Ultra Clean Truck mounted Steam cleaning system brings a new level of cleaning to your carpet. This is not just basic steam cleaning; we have some of the newest technology available for restoring the nature of your carpets. Our new generation units are designed to deeply and vigorously clean all through to the back of your carpet.

    We use the most sophisticated machines to intensively clean your carpet in 5 separate steps leaving it all sparking and fresh. Our “Heated Preconditioning” step of deep cleaning even the most soiled traffic areas of your carpets draws the line between us and the others. This special step will give you a deeper cleaning in high traffic areas to remove soil and residues that other cleaning companies will never do.

    One of the questions clients ask a lot when they want to hire our cleaning services company is whether our cleaning equipment and products safe for their homes, family members, pets and environment. Yes, yes, and yes! Our modern sophisticated cleaning equipment and products are Eco-friendly which guarantees the safety of everyone and everything around your home.

    Our separate neutralizing rinse step ensures your carpet is left residue and dirt free. This greatly extends to how long you go in between cleanings as it makes your carpet to resist stains for a long period of time. By using a deep rinsing step, we remove soapy residues from previous cleaning thus leaving you with a carpet that is fluffy soft and super clean.

     We absolutely care about the health of our esteemed clients therefore we will be sure to use nontoxic gentle cleaning solutions to make your carpet new again.

    We understand that you love pets and most of them time they excrete urine and stool directly on your expensively amazing carpet. Urine and stool from pets can really make your house stuffy and smelling bad, it is our duty to exclusively eliminate urine and stool stains deposits from your carpet by deeply and thoroughly cleaning using our standardized equipment and solutions. Our enzyme producing treatment can remove both stains and offensive odors, leaving your carpets fresh and sanitized.

    The most important answer that every client is always eager to get its response, is how long the carpet would take to dry after we finish cleaning. After our Ultra Clean service, carpets are left just slightly damp to the touch. In most cases, carpets take about 3-4hours to fully dry up, however, parts of your carpet that require additional cleaning or preconditioning may take longer to dry up.

    We do understand that you are a very busy person and time is of the essence, and you need your carpet to dry up on the go, we can take some special steps to speed up the drying process for you. This step will ensure that you walk on your carpet right after its cleaning, but we recommend that you put on clean pair of slippers when you do this.

    We have a range of carpet cleaning systems to accommodate every situation, including:

    • Carpet Protection
    • Full Carpet Clean
    • Clean to blend
    • Stain Removal
    • Soil Resistant Finishes

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