Gabbage Collection Services

Garbage Collection Services in Nairobi Kenya

Garbage collection is one of the necessary things you need to do to be able to maintain smooth functioning of your business. Trash must be dealt with effectively for a company to continue its services efficiently.

At Solcity Shine, we provide professional garbage collection and disposal services in Nairobi Kenya to ensure that your business always stays clean and well maintained so as to attract many customers.

We provide a series of garbage collection services for all business sizes; from the very small shop, to the large institute or multi-site company. We offer general garbage collection, recycling services, and we can deal with specialized waste such as hazardous materials, valuable documents, and liquid waste.

Let us solve all your garbage collection needs quickly and professionally for a fair and moderate price. We will work to enhance the growth and profitability of your businesses by minimizing waste and maximizing materials recovery.

    We offer a wide range of garbage collection services including special services like liquid waste removal and medical waste removal. Our goal is to ensure that anything that can still be used does not go to waste. Call us today for satisfactory and top notch services which will leave your resident, workplace or school fresh and clean.

    At Solcity Shine Garbage Collection, there is no garbage collection that we cannot clear. We have a large number of fully trained garbage collection team who will make your entity spotless within no time. Still on this, we have readily available and well maintained vehicles which will safely transport the garbage collected from your property to the right dumping site.

    If you are looking for experienced garbage collection services company, then you have come to the right place. We have been doing this job for so many years and with time we have mastered all the skills needed to make your compound appealing and attractive.

    Sanitary bins collection and disposal services in nairobi kenya

    We will work with a schedule that fits your own convenient time due to our nature of maximum flexibility. We understand that different people operate differently and uniquely, some will want their garbage to be collected at night other during weekends, we therefore go by every client’s requests. Call us now and let us know what time is best for you.

    We will collect your trash at the arranged time, and then dispose it in the most effective manners, recycling whatever needs to be recycled, always leaving your business clean and tidy. We also provide after sale services which is proving you with garbage bins.

    Due to inflation, we will scale our services based on the amount of garbage that you produce and give you an affordable and moderate quote charges depending on this. We offer quality services for relatively affordable price therefore you should hurry while the offer lasts. Call us today to book your garbage collection services.

    Contact us today to arrange a no obligation appointment, and arrange for expert garbage collection that will help your company to operate effectively and efficiently.

    Solcity Shine garbage collection remains the best garbage collection services company due to our outstanding reputation. This is because of our accurate and transparency when it comes to charges. We provide solutions that are tailored to your business, so you pay for exactly what you need, and nothing more and you always deal directly with us.

    Healthy and fresh environment are our main concern, therefore we use Eco-friendly equipment and materials which are harmless to your workers while collecting garbage as directed by NEMA. By now you should already be dialing your phone to make appointment with us since we care about your health.

    We safely and gently handle all of your garbage, while improving and securing a waste management system that will improve the operation of your business. We do all of this while ensuring maximum risk control

    Our Garbage Collection Services Include:

    • Commercial Waste Management
    • Waste Management Locations
    • Medical Waste Solutions
    • Green Waste Disposal
    • Construction Waste collection
    • School Waste collection
    • Industrial Waste collection
    • General Waste collection

    Why Choose Us

    • Eco- friendly materials
    • Transparency in price
    • Relatively affordable price
    • Extensive experience
    • Outstanding reputation
    • State of the art facilities for garbage collection
    • Availability of well-maintained vehicles to transport the garbage to dumpsite.

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