Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services in Nairobi Kenya

Want to make your compound flowery, attractive and fresh all the time? At Solcity Shine Landscaping services company we will make your garden vision a reality by giving the best and satisfactory services you have been yarning for.

We will meet your property for initial full consultation to enable us understand what is more important and how to assist you in getting the most out of your landscaping project. We will also consult with you to plan and develop the garden of your dream.

We’re the landscaper who specializes in affordable garden designs for the distinctive landscaping styles of your modern and old homes.

    Garden Design and Planning

    At Solcity Shine landscaping services, we design and implement your ideas, transform them into attractive gardens. We will help you come up with creative garden ideas as we walk you through the entire execution.

    Our extensive experience, style and professionalism are what we use to help you bring many years of joy to your home. With a few clever design, we will be sure to add space to your home by gardening without ruining the aesthetic of your home.

    Gardening Services

    Plant and flower selection, Soil preparation, Manure application and top-dressing, Planting, Raking, Clearing, Levelling, Landscaping Services

    Landscaping Services in Nairobi Kenya

    Landscape Design and Planning

    Solcity Shine will help you transform your dreams into ideas, and finally into beautiful landscapes and gardens. With our well trained landscape architects, you are assured of awesome landscaping ideas that are well-researched to meet all your needs. They will then you get your projects done meticulously and efficiently.

    We understand that after working the whole day, you won’t have the energy nor the time to work on your garden. That is why we are here, to take that work load off your back by carrying out the whole process within the shortest time possible.

    Types of Gardens
    • Flower gardens
    • Herb gardens
    • Orchards (fruit gardens)
    • Beautiful lawns (well-maintained grass)
    • Rock gardens
    • Water gardens
    • Raised bed gardens
    • Container gardens
    • Garden planning
    • Preparing flower burdens
    • Plant, flowers, or tree selection
    • Graphical visualization of your project
    • Area/garden evaluation

    Garden Care and Maintenance

    After we transform your ideas into lovely gardens, we will assist you through a step-by-step procedure to ensure your garden flourishes. We love healthy plants hence we advise you on how to maintain your garden and care for your plants.

    We are reputable for bringing life into your home since we give you garden care and maintenance that leaves your property glittering. We understand that fresh environment gives you peace of mind therefore we ensure that your garden is cared for and well maintained to enable you spend more time outdoors, and in return you maintain your health.

    Water Features Experts

    Every great idea can be transformed into a flowing water fall! Adding a water feature to your landscaping is a great idea to make your home complete. We are experts at ensuring that you have the best water features since we understand the benefits of this project to your home. Call us today for the best water features services.

    Water features add sound, texture, and movement to landscaping designs and help homeowners to feel that their surroundings are more natural and unique. Therefore, we will ensure that all these important aspects are met. Call us today for a relatively affordable quote.

    Irrigation Services

    Nothing brings out more beauty like a beautiful landscape or evergreen garden during the dry season, having a proper irrigation plan will give you these and much more. We understand that green grass and healthy plants are therapeutic and good for your eyes and mind. We therefore use Eco-friendly materials and equipment to give you top notch irrigation services. Call us today for a quote.

    We will help you install irrigation systems to help you in watering your landscapes, garden, plants, grass, among others be it residential and commercial customers. Our installations are well-researched and use water-wise conservation principles to reduce your water bills.

    Rain water is valuable and needs to be harvested. We will collect the rain water using gutter channeled to a rain harvesting tank. We will use the stored water for landscape irrigation during the dry season.


    As Solcity shine no job is too big or too small. give attention to your hardscapes needs and executes your ideas into reality. We will use modern technology machines to utilize all the countless ways of hardscaping to increase the quality of your outdoor space.

    It is easy for us to create a unique, customized design that best suited all your individual needs and preferences. We will be sure to use our advanced skills to give you hardscaping services that is satisfactory to all your requirements.

    We keep in mind that hardscaping design should have longevity and offer a sense of permanence. Therefore, we ensure that we design a hardscape that will vastly increase the quality of an outdoor space since it offers a high level of customization.

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