Mattress Cleaning Services

Mattress Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Not having good sleep? Maybe it’s time to use our mattress cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. Nothing feels good as sleeping on a clean and freshly scented mattress. A clean mattress kicks starts your day by setting your moods right as it generates a sense of cleanliness and purity in your bedroom.

A healthy mattress goes beyond just the physical health it also brings along psychological benefits too. Call us today to restore joy and happiness in your home by letting us clean your mattress how we know best.

You might have heard the phrase “If you can’t win the morning, you can’t win the day” this is absolutely true, but just how do you win the day, well by witnessing something precious as a first sight the moment you wake up in the morning and that precious thing is your clean mattress. It is our duty as Solcity Shine Cleaning services to ensure that you win the day, we are just one call away to your doorstep.

    Asthma, Bronchitis, Itchy skin, Headache, Sinus infection and Early Morning mood swing are some of the bad stuff that comes up with an uncleaned and untidy mattress. If you can relate to these medical condition, your mattress is 99% the cause. Before rushing to the doctor why not let us help you by thoroughly cleaning your dirty mattress. Prevention is better than cure and the more you keep sleeping on a dirty mattress the more you keep having these conditions. Let us help you save the cost of hospital treatment by making an appointment with us now for your mattress treatment and cleaning.

    We have the most effective deep mattress cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya and with our experienced staff and state of the art equipment, you can be guaranteed of quality results for your mattress. Our industrial-quality deep vacuum has stronger suction power which will leave your mattress polished. The machine generates high-frequency waves that help in loosening the dust and dirt present in the mattress and any other furniture you may want cleaned.

    Mattress cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya

    Our deep vacuum pulls out dust mite, dead skin, hairs, pet dander, pollen, and other household debris which hide deep within your mattress leaving it free from any residue. It is not enough to use domestic equipment since dust mites bury themselves very deep into mattresses, as Solcity Shine, we use modern technological commercial grade vacuums to get the result you want for your mattress. Our specially developed mattress sanitizing process is done in your home and is both dry and chemical free.

    Our well trained mattress cleaning team will use Eco – friendly machines to carefully pass over your mattress through a patented UV bed scanner sanitation machine, which is a powerful and safe way to sanitize your mattress. The Bed Scan-UV machine is the only approved UVC sanitizing device of its type and you can only get this from us.

    It is only logical that you use what you have clear proof that is effective, we therefore offer a free demonstration prior to deep cleaning and sanitizing your mattress so that you can see for yourself how we intend to remove dirt and any other microorganism from your mattress.  We also offer a warranty if dust mites reappear within a month of your mattress being cleaned at no additional charges.

    Our Mattress Cleaning service revolves around stain and odor removal, hot water extraction and mattress restoration. We are renown for prioritizing our customers’ satisfaction above every other thing, and this has enabled us to maintain our top position in mattress cleaning industry therefore you can relax easy knowing that with us your mattress troubles are already sorted.

    Solcity Shine Mattress Cleaning Services

    • Blood, vomit, Wine, Coffee, oil and urine Stain Removal from Mattress
    • Mattress Stain Removal
    • Mattress Vacuum Cleaning
    • Pet stain and odor removal from Mattress
    • Mattress Mold Removal
    • Pet Hair Removal from Mattress
    • Mattress Sanitization
    • Accident Stain Removal
    • Mattress mold Restoration
    • Mattress Deodorization
    • Mattress Fire and Smoke Restoration
    • Commercial Mattress Cleaning
    • Residential Mattress Cleaning
    • Hot Water Extraction
    • Mattress Water damage restoration
    • Emergency Flood Damage Mattress Restorations Services
    • Mattress Flea Treatment Service

    Why choose our mattress cleaning services?

    • 24/7 services delivery and clients’ satisfactions.
    • Professionally trained, reliable, well-organized, team of experts.
    • Eco-friendly mattress cleaning machines and solutions.
    • Long term experience in mattress cleaning
    • Relatively affordable cost of cleaning
    • Impeccable reputation in mattress cleaning industry

    What are you still waiting for, make that call right now and get the comfortable good night sleep you have been missing tonight.

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