Pest Control Services

Fumigation & Pest Control Services in Nairobi Kenya

Have pests becoming a severe headache for you? Are you thinking of hiring fumigation and pest control services in Nairobi Kenya to restore your peace of mind? Well look no further, you have landed at the right place.

Solcity Shine fumigation services company provides the best pest control services to eliminate all the pesky pests from your residential and commercial locations. We offer fumigation services at affordable prices on the same day of the booking confirmation. Don’t bumble with the Pests, get Solcity Shine Fumigation Services Now!

Our professionally trained and dedicated fumigators uses the most advanced methods and techniques to provide you with pest-free environment. It is a method in which we fill the infected area with the gaseous pesticides-or fumigants. These gaseous pesticides suffocate the pests leading to their early deaths.

    It is an effective way of control pests but it is worth the effort since all the inhabitant of pests gets destroyed with this process at once. You will get full pest protection with our amazing fumigation service, call us now for a quote.

    We are the most reliable pest control and fumigation services company you can trust. All of our pesticides and fumigating equipment are readily available and are within our office. You can be sure that that the moment we close a deal with you, we come to clear the pests immediately since all our working tools are at our reach. We also offer End of Lease Fumigation service at an affordable cost.

    We are the most affordable fumigation services company you can turn to for some awesome and amazing quality services. Depending on the amount of pest infestation in your home and commercial property, we will give you high value services for your money. Make that call right now!

    Pest Control services in nairobi kenya

    We are a distinguished name in the pest fumigation services industry due to our outstanding quality service delivery. With our long term experience, we have made thousands of people’s homes pest-free with our most effective fumigation service. Protect Your health and properties from pests’ invasion by hiring Solcity Shine fumigation services right now!

    Fumigation works effectively only when the area is entirely closed. We offer our fumigation services to commercial and residential areas to protect your health from the presence of pests and kill pests including termites, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs and gnats. We provide the top quality fumigation services to kill the pests from every corner of your house.

    Types Of Fumigation Services

    1. Gas Fumigation

    We do gaseous fumigation services through the use of gaseous fumigants for cleaning the pests that are present in your resident or commercial property. We do this treatment within an enclosed chamber to make it take effect quickly. Our professionals use Methyl bromide in gaseous form to controlling the pests. We use Sulfur, fluoride for eliminating the pests from cereal grains, tree nuts and dry fruits that you possess.

    2. Solid Fumigation

    For removing the pests and insects, we use solid fumigants since solid fumigation is an easy process of killing all pests invading your property. We use sprinkling tablets, powders or pellets fumigants for eliminating these pests. It effectively controls lots of pests in a single time.

    3. Liquid Fumigation

    We also use liquid fumigants in form of a spray to effectively remove all the pests and insects that are cuing your sleepless nights. Our liquid fumigants are harmful to users since we use environmental-friendly pesticides and equipment to eradicate these pests.

    Residential Fumigation Services

    Your home should be free from pests all the time since pests can make you and your family members suffer from serious health related issues if pests are not destroyed immediately. Our professionals are skilled and certified to carry out the process carefully and completely without interfering with your valuables.

    We will provide same-day pest control and fumigation services at your resident to enable you go back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Our professionals provide complete future precaution tips too by training you how to deal with the first spot of any pest in your home.

    Commercial Fumigation Services

    We cover all of the commercial places such as; Hospitals, School, Restaurants, Malls, Offices, Warehouses, Factories and Aged Care Facilities among. Don’t wait for pests to dominate your home by making your workplace their permanent place of resident, call us today so that we can rescue your business from pest invasion. Book us today for same day services.

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