Tiles & Terrazzo Cleaning Services

Cabro, Tiles and Terazzo Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

One of the first things people will always spot upon entering your home or business premises are the surfaces. Beautiful and polished surfaces will make impress your visitors thus making them enjoy staying in your house.

Due to scratches, dirt or exposure to elements, your terrazzo and tiles surfaces will start fading making them look ugly and unappealing. It is therefore important to look for solutions before your tiles and terrazzo surfaces gets completely ruined. Call us now to restore your precious surfaces.

Our professionally trained and fully skilled tiles and terrazzo cleaning experts will make your beautiful surfaces shine again by using our modern advanced equipment and solutions. We boost of our technologically approved methods of cleaning tiles and terrazzo surfaces. Don’t let your surfaces become a source of embarrassment to you, call you now for amazing cleaning services.

    With our long term experience in tile and terrazzo cleaning, we guarantee that we will restore your terrazzo floors, walls, counter-tops, vanities and shower areas successfully. Our passion for what we do and our strong commitment to educate our customers on proper care and maintenance is evident with every job that we have completed. Call us today to enjoy our quality services!

    Terrazzo and tiles are unique, elegant and luxurious material that are available in different varieties, and they are offered in a high degree of design flexibility. We will therefore clean your surfaces at an affordable price based on the amount of cleaning to be done, the design of your tile/terrazzo among other considerations. It is our responsibility to give you value for your money.

    Cabro, Tiles and Terazzo Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

    We offer our terrazzo and tile polishing services to residential, corporate and private clients. Our use of Eco-friendly solutions to gently but thoroughly clean your surfaces has made our work to be seen as the most superb quality. You can therefore trust that we will give you outstanding cleaning services for your expensive tiles and terrazzo having your safety and that of your family in mind.

    Terrazzo Cleaning Services

    Terrazzo is a composite material, pre-cast or poured into shape which has the ability to attain a very high polish, leaving a very smooth and lustrous shine on the surfaces of your house or office. Terrazzo contains marble, glass or other aggregates mixed with a binder and then pressed as tiles. A well-polished terrazzo has enhanced colors which makes its unique appearance very noticeable.

    Unfortunately, terrazzo will scratch, etch and lose its shine and luster without proper care and maintenance. We as Solcity Shine terrazzo/tile cleaners we ensure that this never happens to your expensive terrazzo. We will offer you the most amazing cleaning services to make you terrazzo last for the longest time. Call us now to get a quote!

    We specialize in various aspects of terrazzo surfaces maintenance such as cleaning and polishing, terrazzo restoration, terrazzo sealing, terrazzo honing, among others. You can therefore trust us to handle any kind of terrazzo services without any doubts. Save yourself time, effort and money and let our team of professionals restore your terrazzo to its best possible condition

    Types of Terrazzo Cleaning Services Offered by Solcity

    Polished Terrazzo

    If you have a terrazzo floor, wall, counter top vanity or shower area that is fading due to scratches and is slowly losing its shine and beautiful look, worry no more. We are here to restore your terrazzo by cleaning to repair everything that is destroyed. We will thoroughly polish it, and by the time we are done, it will be as good as new.

    Regular Terrazzo Care

    We understand that special care is required when cleaning terrazzo surfaces since they are generally porous. Whether the terrazzo is made with non-porous stone chips, and require sealing to protect them. We will be sure to do the job to a complete perfection.

    Sealing Terrazzo

    We will Seal your terrazzo surfaces to keep most stains from being suspended to the surface by creating a barrier that provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination that make destroy it.


    Solcity Shine tile cleaning services company is your specialist in everything tile. From tile cleaning, tile sealing, tile stripping and sealing, grout color sealing, and minor tile repairs. With us you are at the right place, you can therefore relax easy and let us work tirelessly to restore your tile surfaces.

    Types of Tile Cleaning Services Offered by Solcity Shine

    Tile Sealing

    Sealing your tiles helps prevent and reduce staining by keeping most stains suspended at the surface. We understand that sealing your tile will create a barrier which will protect it against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination for the longest time. We will therefore offer your tiles quality sealing services to make it look as good as new.

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