Vehicle Interior Cleaning

Vehicle Interior Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Are you in need of Vehicle Cleaning Services in Nairobi? For many people a car/vehicle means the world and keeping it clean and regularly serviced is the only guarantee they have that it will last longer. Your vehicle earns you respect in the society and the only way to keep your machine moving and functional to earn more dignity and class, is by taking good care of it through regular cleaning.

We prioritize the cleanliness of your car above everything else and to confirm this, hire us today for all your vehicle interior cleaning services today and see the difference.

We clean and sanitize all fabric, leather, hard surface areas by killing all the bacteria which contribute to the awful odors which may cause health problems to you and to the people who may use your vehicle. Our vehicle interior cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya will help you keep your car interior clean, hygienic, fresh, and scented 24/7.

    Wash and Vacuuming

    Vacuum interior, Tire Shine, Wash Exterior

    Car Interior Steam Cleaning Services

    VIP Service

    Carpets, Mats, Seats, Door sides, Car boot and Deodorizing

    Carpet Interior Steam clean service (as above), Door Jams, Polishing all interior hard surfaces, Dashboard/ Mid console and Cleaning to the exterior of the vehicle including Tire Shine

    We have been offering vehicle interior cleaning for so many years and with our long term experience you can be guaranteed of brand new looking vehicle. We have all the experience needed to restore the interior parts of your car to its original new appearance. Hire us now to have a taste of our top notch cleaning services in interior car cleaning.

    Our professionally trained team of experts in interior car cleaning, will come to you wherever you are fully equipped will our new advanced and technologically proven state of the art machines and solutions. They will use these awesome cleaning materials to fully polish your car leaving it all fresh, shinning and dazzling. All you need to do is dial that button right now to book appointment with us for your interior car cleaning services.

    Vehicle Interior Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

    With us you are guaranteed of security and legitimacy since our interior car cleaning services company is legally licensed and correctly insured by the government which makes us a legit company to deal with. For this reason, you can comfortably make that important call now to since you are assured of compensation in case something goes wrong during the cleaning process of your car.

    Cleaning your car interior parts from older stains, spilled drinks and food which tend to soak into the car seats especially dust and dirt which pile and stick on the car fabrics can be very challenging. Hiring unstandardized cleaning company to clean your car, can bring you more losses than gains as your car may end up clean but damaged in one way or another. Therefore, Solcity Shine Cleaning company is the best option for your car since we understand how important your car is to you and we therefore handle it with a lot of care. 

    At Solcity, we are great lovers of the environment and health, therefore we use Eco- friendly machines and solutions to clean your car interior parts gently but perfectly. You can trust that our cleaning equipment will not pose any kind of danger to you and any person who might use your vehicle, at the same time they will not in any way damage your car.

    Is your vehicle small, large or medium size, it is very dirty with disgusting smell? Worry no more! We have your car cleaning needs completely covered. Whatever the size and the amount of untidiness present in your car, we will be sure to thoroughly clean it by removing all the unwanted substances from it within the shortest time possible and at an affordable price depending on the size of your car and the amount of work required.

    Our good reputation in interior car cleaning services is another reason why you should make that call right now to book appointment with us for your cleaning needs. For so many years we have been able to maintain our good and impressive image in interior car cleaning industry by offering high quality services to our clients. We also ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services by giving them value for their money.

    We keep in mind that a happy client will definitely come back and this statement has been our driving force to ensuring that our esteemed customers come back for more of services and recommend our company to their relatives and friends.

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