Post Construction Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Post Construction Cleaning Services in Nairobi

Solcity Cleaning Services offers professional post construction cleaning services in Nairobi to help you get your property looking its best after a construction project. Our team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean a wide range of construction sites, including residential and commercial properties.

We understand that construction projects can be messy and that it’s important to get the property cleaned as soon as possible. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options to ensure that your property is cleaned on your timeline. Our team is available to schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for you, and we guarantee that we’ll have your property looking its best in no time.

Our post construction cleaning services include the following:

  1. Dust and Debris Removal: Our team will thoroughly remove any dust, debris, and other contaminants from the property, ensuring that it’s ready for use as soon as possible.

  2. Surface Cleaning: All surfaces, including windows, walls, and flooring, will be cleaned to remove any remaining dirt, dust, or residue.

  3. Deep Cleaning: A deep cleaning process is used to remove any remaining dirt, dust, or residue from the property, ensuring that it’s thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom.

  4. Final Inspection: Our team will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the property is completely clean and ready for use.


Customised Post Construction Cleaning Services

Every completed construction is unique and different therefore the cleaning needs must meet the specific needs of the construction and client. Whether you need cleaning services for a newly constructed or a renovated building, we are just one call away, contact us now to have a complete finishing today.

We take pride in our long experience in providing post construction cleaning for businesses and homeowners in all walks of lives. This has put as on the maps as the number one post construction company you can trust for your cleaning requirements. This is the main reason you should call us today to clean your construction. Everybody wants to deal with experience and we are the champions here, book your appointment with us now.

We are keen on time as we understand that most construction owners are busy people and they want quick services, we therefore send a large number cleaning team to finish cleaning your building within the shortest time possible.

Why Choose Post Construction Cleaning Services

However big your construction may be, we guarantee that our goal oriented cleaning team will leave no stone unturned. They will wipe away every bit of dust and debris from the surface of your construction leaving it spotless and sparkling at a relatively affordable price. No mistakes.

We offer outstanding post construction cleaning services at moderate and reasonable prices based on the work load your building requires. Unlike other cleaning companies in Kenya, we assure you of value for your money and your satisfaction is our main priority.

We boast of our implacable reputation in the cleaning service delivery, which has enabled us to maintain our top position in the cleaning industry. We have maintained good reputation by being transparent about our charges and maintaining the agreed price until work completion without asking for extra charges. Therefore, hiring us will meaning working with the best of the best. Call us to now for amazing services for unbeatable prices regarding your post construction cleaning needs

Our cleaning services company is licensed and insured, therefore you can be sure that you are dealing with a legit company which is recognized by the government and in case something goes wrong during the whole process you can be sure of your compensation.

For us health and safety comes first therefore we use environment friendly machines and solutions to thoroughly clean your newly constructed building without posing danger to workers, family members, residence, surrounding, yourself or us. These machines are more advanced and technologically proven suitable for post construction cleaning services. Due their advanced and technological nature they make our cleaning work much simpler and quick.